As a major partner in our Coach Core Manchester programme, Man City in the Community gave their 5 apprentices a week they will never forget! Each year, Manchester City hosts their international partners from around the globe at the Etihad Campus and run a week long camp that entails training, events and professional development to inspire and educate their young coaches.

With attendees including young coaches from Malaysia, Australia, Brazil and the NYCFC programmes, our 5 Coach Core apprentices not only had the chance to learn and develop with their international peers but also help with the set up of this big event.

“It’s literally been one of the best weeks of my life” said City apprentice Shauna. “Meeting so many coaches from around the world, learning about their projects and how they coach and then doing training with them has been amazing. I just want to go and see them in their countries now!”

To learn more about City in the Community visit their website