We are delighted to announce that we will be launching new programmes in Bristol and Devon in Autumn of this year. Continuing our mission to bring together the best employers in a given city or region, we are excited that both programmes will have the Community Sports Partners at the heart of each project. In Wesport and Active Devon, we are confident we are working with two very proactive, reputable and community facing partners that will help us bring on board the very best employers and Coach Core partners to provide young people in their areas with the chance to begin an exciting journey and enhance the coaching impact across the region.

“Coach Core is something we are committed to and feel confident Bristol has the right organisations to help us given young people a second chance and ensure we are getting more Bristolians fit and healthy through the coaching they will bring”. Steve Nelson, CEO of Wesport

“Since attending the big event at Lords, Active Devon has been inspired to really work with the Royal Foundation to bring the Coach Core programme to the young people of Devon. We love the balance of a successful framework that we can adapt and mould to our employers and communities and feel sure the apprentices will really help us and them increase coaching impact across the county”. Karen Jones, Senior Partner Manager at Active Devon.