All of our project sites work with a consortium based model where ownership of the programme is given to the employers. We work hard to select the right organisations to help shape and nurture the apprentices whilst also understanding that these young people will give so much back in the time they are with you. From professional sports clubs to charities to community sports partnership networks, we have worked with a diverse range of partners that have different needs and aspirations for their apprentices in each of our locations but that have worked collaboratively to provide more training, experiences and opportunities for all involved than ever before.

Our offer:

  • project management to help build the consortium and bring the right teams together;
  • high quality education, training and opportunities through our training provider and the network we create with you;
  • funding to help pilot the project and creating future links so that the project can thrive long term;

Our ask:

  • organisations that are committed to help young people gain employment and education through the best possible placements;
  • Provide ‘in kind’ donations of staff time, resources and training to benefit your apprentices and the wider group when required;
  • willing to invest financially over time on the understanding of the short and long term benefits your apprentices and the Coach Core programme can bring.

To see where we currently work and the types of partners we work with to date, please go to our Cities page to see if you can become part of an existing consortium.
For more information on the project or to register interest in your city, please contact: stating the nature of your enquiry.