History of Coach Core

Since Coach Core was launched by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry during the London 2012 Games, the programme has delivered a ground-breaking coaching apprentice scheme that is creating careers for young people across the UK and transforming sports coaching.

More than 250 apprentices have taken part in over 35,000 sessions, totalling 400,000+ individual coaching interactions, with 98% of Coach Core 148 graduates going on to work or education.

Targeting 16-24 year olds who are not in education or employment, Coach Core delivers an inclusive and impactful sports coaching apprenticeship that develops the talents of young people to coach a range of vital skills for sport, work and life. It brings high quality sports teaching and broader mentoring to those who risked falling through the cracks between formal education and employment.

The unique 14-18 month* coaching apprentice scheme is shaping the future of sports coaching in the UK.

*Apprentices starting prior to April 2018 work on a 12 month programme. Apprentices starting the course from April 2018 will be enrolled for a period of 14-18 months, due to changes in the education programme.

Coach Core helps to create inspiring coaches, who are skilled in developing confidence and enjoyment of sport tailored to individual ability. Our coaches work with employers, from top flight clubs to local groups, to bring our innovative approach to communities that traditionally have poor access to professional coaching and mentoring.

What began as a trial apprenticeship, inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, is now benefiting young people, employers and communities, while revolutionising UK sports coaching, city by city.

Coach Core is not only transforming lives in these cities. It is also transforming the way that sports employers approach coaching. The focus of our programme is not only on developing sports skills, but equally the skills that are vital for life. We are improving the breadth, quality and availability of coaching, helping to tackle the falling numbers of participation in sport and creating a solid career path for young people.

It is this unique partnership that brings together employer partners and sports clubs and bodies across the UK, to make high quality coaching accessible and affordable to all, creating future coaches for local clubs, companies and communities.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry created Coach Core with The Royal Foundation, as using sport to create opportunities is something they believe in passionately.
In the battle against falling coaching resources and to increase participation in sport and exercise, Coach Core has set out a route to helping more communities have access to quality coaching and mentoring.

Coach Core is coaching for sport and life. It is the future of sports coaching.