Scott is a high-level gymnastics coach to Reiss Beckford, Max Whitlock, Jay Thompson & Brinn Beven who between them have won 38 medals at European, Commonwealth, world and Olympics games.

Scott is an inspiration to our apprentice coaches. From exceptionally humble beginnings, Scott has gone on to develop a number of gymnasts to world and Olympic success for a number of years now.

After starting his coaching journey as a teenager, Scott worked a number of jobs (including a nightclub bouncer!) to fund his coaching qualifications and start his own business. He studied under top level coaches such as Louis Smith’s coach Paul Hall and the club he based his work from, the South Essex Gymnastics Club, is a reflection of this journey from its simple origins to the top-class facilities it now provides.

However one thing that will strike you upon entering this club that is based in a public leisure centre is just how mixed and integrated superstar gymnasts are with amateurs and even toddlers taking their first tumbles. This is a culture that Scott promotes as he wants the sport and ethos of fun and personal development to always be the most important thing within the centre.

After the success of the Rio games in 2016, Scott won a number of awards and began advising a number of other clubs and even sports on his approach to high level coaching.
We are honoured to have Scott as an ambassador and you can get an even stronger insight into the man via this interview conducted in autumn 2016: