Terrell, Volleyball and Basketball coach



Since completing his Level 2 apprenticeship on Coach Core, Terrell continued with his employer, Greenhouse Charity, to undertake his Level 3. This allowed him to also keep gaining valuable experience and training as a volleyball and basketball coach whilst also ensuring he developed his knowledge of sports coaching and sports development.

Terrell always spoke about how he would enter a room and not speak with anyone he didn’t know or how we would act the joker to hide his nerves which often saw him make mistakes he didn’t want to make. “Coach Core really changed that and now I feel confident to speak in front of a big crowd with well-known people sat there looking at me plus I know when is the right time have fun versus when to be serious”.

He also gained time away from the work place to so that he could head to the U.S.A. as a seasonal coach. This further developed his confidence and widened his horizons.
In 2016, Terrell was offered a head coach job and has since been working with senior head coaches at various project sites across London making huge impact in young people’s lives that come from challenging communities. He wants to have a successful career in coaching and really give back to the next generation and feels Coach Core was the spark that ignited this flame.